Driver Card - C100B

C100B Driver Card

Our C100B driver card allows for manual settings that control the speed, direction, motor wattage, reset and high-performance mode functions for the EcoSmart™ powered roller. We also include the ability to use the on-board speed control or external speed control. Easy I/O connection points for your start, stop, direction, or PLC inputs as well as fault outputs. Plug-and-play system using JST-10 connectors on both the driver card and EcoSmart™ powered roller. Connecting to a PLC makes monitoring, controlling and optimizing performance easier than ever.

  • On-board acceleration/deceleration pot – for ramp up and ramp down timing based on product load
  • On-board speed control pot
  • 8 Position DIP switch bank – for discrete speed selection and other functions
  • 22 Watt and 35 Watt motor selectable
  • High torque option (only available for 35 Watt motor)
  • Direction of rotation (as viewed from cable end)
  • Reset mode – auto or manual
  • Internal thermistors – to monitor operating heat and provide additional safety


Part numbers
Driver card for 22W and 35W rollers
Electrical Power
Termination Voltage Range Current Consumption
Plug-In Cage Clamp Terminal 24VDC (+/-10%) 100 mA plus motorized roller
Motor Connection
Type Number Termination Voltage Range Max Average Current
EcoSmart™ powered roller 1 JST XHP-10 Pin connecter 24VDC 2.5/3.0 Amps (22W/35W)
Control Port
Type Number Termination Voltage Range Maximum Current
Current Sinking Inputs/Outputs 1 Plug-In cage clamp terminal 24VDC 2.5/3.0 Amps (22W/35W)
Speed Control
Internal Potentiometer External PLC
1000-3400 rpm (22W) 1000-4000 rpm (35W) 25 - 100% of roller speed rating
Storage Temp. Operating Temp. Humidity Vibration Shock
-30° to 70° C (-22° to 158° F) 0° to 60° C (32° to 140° F) 5-95% RH, non-condensing 2G at 10 to 500 Hz 10G
Size Mounting Status Indication
See drawing below See mounting dimensions below See chart on page 14


Dimensions in mm

Mounting Dimensions: 4.5mm max holes at 40mm x 120mm pattern


DIP Switch Bank

DIP Switches are used to configure the functionality of the C100B driver card. The switches are numbered 1-8, beginning with the switch furthest to the left. DIP Switches 1-4 are used to set correct operation, with 5-8 reserved for speed settings.

DIP Switch 1 allows the driver card to be used with either
a 22W or 35W EcoSmart™ powered roller. DIP Switch 2 enables the high torque feature, which is only available on the 35W EcoSmart™ powered roller; DIP Switches 1 and 2 must both be switched to ON for the high torque feature. DIP Switch 3 sets the direction of rotation. DIP Switch 4 determines how application Faults are reset: OFF requires a power cycle to clear the faults, ON allows the driver to reset automatically after 10 seconds.

CAUTION: Verify motor wattage before changing DIP
Switch 1. Additionally, use of the high torque feature (Switch 2) must be approved or will void warranty. Consult Microroller Manufacturing before use.

Internal Potentiometer, Acceleration and Deceleration Settings

The C100B driver card has an internal potentiometer located to the right of the DIP Switch bank. DIP Switches 5-8 must be set to ON for the internal potentiometer to control the speed. The C100B driver card also includes an acceleration and deceleration potentiometer that can be used to set the ramp up and ramp down times. Acceleration and deceleration can be set between 10 and 1.6 RPM/milliseconds.

Speed Settings

The C100B driver card offers three methods to set the speed. See the charts belows.

RPM Chart for 22W EcoSmart™ Powered Roller

RPM Chart for 35W EcoSmart™ Powered Roller

Note: Speed calculation in FPM is: Roller Diameter in Inches x .2618 x RPM / Gearbox Ratio
Speed calculation for m/s: Roller Diameter in mm x RPM / (Gearbox Ratio x 19098)